Brief #8

Guide to bat season - Ever have questions about the bats? It’s all in here.

ATX Photo & Food walk - Fun time to walk around the city too, quite a bit of fun and activity going on.

10 sweet Austin Instagram accounts


Parties with free drinks - mmm, free.

Wyclef Jean & Snoop announced as headlining music keynotes

Lyft & Google headlining Interactive - Congrats to Lyft on the airport contract too.

Mark Duplass, RZA & more headlining Film

Live stream of SXSW with SXSW On - Some really cool programs in here, excited to see this out here.

Surviving SXSW

Free & Unofficial SXSW

Documentaries @ SXSW

Vertical Cinema debuting at SXSW - How tall is that screen??


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